Some info about me

To summarise I am a digital designer, but if you want a little bit more information here it is:

Currently employed as a designer / developer for a NMA top 100 agency in London, and have had a lot of experience working on websites and print work. I have also done a decent amount of motion graphics work on a good scale. I have a broad base of knowledge to design and create many things to complete projects but my bread and butter work is website design and build.

I am a graduate from University of Kent in Multimedia Technology and Design with a 2.1 – which was pretty good I learnt some things there but most of my knowledge is from working in industry.

Below is a venn diagram trying to show roughly where my skills lie.

Can do:
- Designing websites: Photoshop
- Print work: InDesign
- Motion graphics: AfterEffects
- Building websites: HTML, CSS, jQuery (a little PHP, .Net)
-- Wordpress; have a very good understanding of
-- Drupall; I have worked with a fair amount
-- Umbraco; I have worked with a little bit
-- Magento; I have worked with a little bit

I am on the twitter, instagram, linkedin

A picture of a burger I ate, 'cos they are tasty!

and a photo of me looking like a chump