City Design and Bicycles

City Design and Bicycles A very interesting TED talk about city design/planning and how bicycles and people in general interact and navigate a city. The desire lines is a very interesting point, and we all design things daily. Read more

Grand Tour Reading

Grand Tour Reading I am really enjoying the Giro this year it has been quality! Along with the recent Italian-mad issue 38. Also got Le Tour 100 today as a present, its great stuff! Read more

Right On

Right On Heard this song on a great Dosnoventa video, this one. I love it and luckily it is on Spotify. Read more

Browser Versions Are Dead

Browser Versions Are Dead A very good talk by Kyle Simpson, raising some very good points that I very much agree with. Read more

Inspirational Commencement Speech

Neil Gaiman, Inspirational Commencement Speech Very very good speech by Neil Gaiman, heard about it from the London Real podcasts. Read more

Daughter - Still

Daughter - Still Daughter have a new song and video out for one of their songs off the new album. I saw them last year at St Giles in the Fields, were bloody amazing! Glad to hear a tiny bit of the new stuff. Video is moody to boot. Read more

Massan x Macaframa Raw

Massan x Macaframa Raw It is an olde but a goody Read more


lolbeard lolbeard was a just a bit of a laugh, I designed the logo and set up the site. I found most of the images but did have some help from a few friends. View the lolbeard site here site Read more


SLC Set up for a friend an e-commerce website, which is being extended and evolving as needs are discovered. It is based on a theme but we hope the site will past the theme. View the site here site Read more


Silvers Silvers are a local band who I design for: I created a logo for them, and designed a website. I was asked to design the EP using some artwork done by a friend of theirs in some way. This is the first CD packing I have ever designed and I am very happy with the way that it has turned out. I had also designed a website for them, but sadly it is no longer online. Read more